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Psychopathic To The Nug Bone [entries|friends|calendar]

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[19 Jul 2005|07:20pm]
(no offense to the pigs on my list)
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Another day of dying... [15 Jun 2004|02:33pm]
Hello, i don't think that I'm going to be typing on here alot anymore since my little brother is always on so i don't know if i will be on as much as i use to but i will be putting alll my poems on a website its on a blogdrive the address is: So yeah.......Ummm yeah. Oh yeah, one of my not so morbid poems was published in a book and they wanted me to buy the book to be a ble to see its published, isn't that crap?! so yeah oh well the book costs $60 so i said fuck that. Well talk at you guys later, see ya.
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[29 May 2004|05:39pm]
Jolie Poile Ollie

Played games
memories shared
church goings
tomboy wear

pushed and shoved
never fought
godzilla movies
kung-fu flicks

years gone by
people forgotten
life moves slower
milk starts rottin

Visited every once in a while
Everytime a bigger smile
Played games
Watched TV
Hoping he'll never forget me

graduation came
memories remembered
tears cried
said he's leaving but comin back in december

Things looked over
Such wasted time
Now just noticed
That I wanted you to be mine.
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[26 May 2004|09:22am]

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[22 May 2004|08:31pm]
[ mood | awake ]

Your hands
Your hands
Inspiring fists
chewed on nails
And callused fingertips

Bloody knuckles
And rough skin
Pounding into my flesh
You've been drinking again

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[21 May 2004|02:47pm]
[ mood | pensive ]

poetic justice
snap snap
crickle crackle
crack crack
silvery moon
juggled sky
mixed with the colors
of our eyes
blackest black
torn of might
left as a shamble
to broad daylight
disappear rays
suns epic beam
and you my dark sky
was just a dream.


[04 May 2004|07:23pm]
Not like I'd care
Even though you ask
You'd end up doing it anyway
This is why it lasts
You said you love me
Is it true
As my face turns shades of blue
You hide thd food from me
I haven't eaten in a week
You said I can do without it
But I highly doubt
Laying here on the grass
I Must get out of here fast
no turning back
i"m too afraid to go back
but here you come with teh baseball bat
you kneel down to me and whisper in my ear
where are you going my dear
you weren"t trying to escape?
that would be a big mistake
along the pavement i was dragged
up the stairs like a rag
thrown on to the bed
you"ve been a bad girl he said
he raises the baseball bat
and brung it down with on crack
against my skull cracked and then burned
but to my lover i soon will return

[03 May 2004|06:22pm]
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[02 May 2004|01:47pm]

Standing on the front
Follwing the breeze
Interrupting patterns
Of the obscene

Introducing drugs
Ways were tested
Felt as though
She'd been rejected

Stupid life
Stupid dreams
No help, no means
In the eyes of the unseen.

Paper Machete

Made of paper
Cut everyday
Not much left
But pasted anyway
On the bed, to the wall
Glued to the seat
Felt enthralled
Crawling low to the ground
Felt the sissors
Were on the prowl
Looked all over
In the box, in the tub
In the trash
In the blade , it was found at last
She was noticed
Cared for, finally knew
That they were their for her
And the asylum was too.

So Yours

Undressed with eyes
Felt uneasy with words
Stories told with body parts
Always they were heard

Scars tell tales
Of early expression
Science showed
Her indigestion

Scaled said 'even'
Smile said 'blank'
Everything was payed for
Now to walk the plank

Debts repayed
And thought of
Kissing the disease
Mouth open wide
Welcoming the freeze

Junior citizen
Waterfall of health
You can't last too long
If you don't care about yourself


Cuts have gotten deeper
But the medications kickin in
time to rest for tomorrow
Time to get in

Feeling feelings
None that are true
Love is a myth
The apedemy of blue

Satisfaction of red
And forest green
Circled on the paper
Circled inbetween

Justified by glory
Decisions unwise
Cotton feels scratchy
No ones civilzed

Jibber jabber
bibble babber
Unknown truth
It hurts, it hurts
When it sinks in

[27 Apr 2004|06:39pm]
Her translucent skin
Dirty knobby knees
She slithered when she walked
And chanted if she talked

Legs long and shoulders wide
Hair twisted and resembled twine
Intricate scars laced up and down her arms
Her face was angry but she meant no harm

Her eyes scared her soul screamed blue
Expression green and her ribs could be seen through
Her white silk shirt, torn and dismembered
She walked the streets and tried not to remember

Her face looked as if she'd been trying to smile
Though she was unsuccessful
She pretended not to see the drugs in the streets
She followed her own beat
Bare feet
Against the broken ground
Needles and bags rolled around here
Her smile was a mouth full of broken mirrors
As blood dripped from her mouth
Why she was there
She could never figure out

[21 Apr 2004|10:15pm]
The metal slides together
As the butterfly knife is opened
Its rigid black and red pattern
Swaying hypnotically into what looks like a cobra's eye
I open and reopen it
Watching it and almost envying the beauty of it
I open it to reveal the metallic black swivel blade
It gleams & the edges flash thoughts agains the dim moonlite
Resting up against the cold birch
I gently run the blade across my neck
And across my partially bare skin
the end of the blade gently cutting into my skin
Longing for the sting
Sending shivers all over my body
It trembles for it wants more
Over the black silk corsette
Removing the blade and staring at it seductively
Licking the blade and tasting my warm blood
Knowing that the pain is real...
And so am I.

[11 Apr 2004|11:58am]
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I've never known but it seems that this may be true
But I never know that you love me too
So I shun you away because you don't show it
If I only I had known it.

Beauty in a Vile [10 Apr 2004|08:07pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Her beauty she had decided
Had to be kept to look at
The mirror had been broken
So she couldn't use that

She found a vile, a razor
And a cylinder like tube
She slit herself and let it run through
The vile was half filled

And she decided there
That maybe it'd be more beautiful
If she added some hair

She began to cut off
One of her red locks
And placed it inside
And then she began to rock

Back and forth
And she began to cry
The beauty of the vile
Was coming alive

And whats more beautiful
she thought, then blood
And a curly lock
And she wiped the tear
From her eye
And noticed
It was beautiful to cry

So instead of wiping them away
She put the vile up to her cheek
And she cried about everything
Everything that scared her
Or that made her mad
Or thoughts that just made her sad

The vile was filled
She gave a succesful *gasp*
Beauty in a bottle
Beauty that can last.


[07 Apr 2004|03:10pm]
mr. harris: You have 3 NC's
me: yeah, i know
Mr. harris: you can't go to fairbanks with us if you dont get your grades up.
Me: oh....that sucks
Mr. harris: WE need you on that trip your the only trombone
me: I know
Mr. harris: What's the problem why are they so low..

(explains why)

Mr. Harris: Well try harder you really need to get those up
me: I'll try
Mr. Harris: Don't (Walks off)
me: man is he gonna be pissed when he finds out I won't be there next year.

[07 Apr 2004|02:37pm]
[ mood | bored ]

The chair is upside down
Everythings all mixed up
The bartender pours a drink
It's a dick in my cup

That's all it is
All it leads too
Just have another beer
They say so I can be in you.

What can I do
I am the offended
But have all these thoughts
Ever been contemplated?

The design of men
What sheer satisfaction,
Gives you the right
To take women as an "action"

You take and take
And you're nothing that lasts
You take advantage
Always want a piece of that ass

Well I'm here to show you
Just how much I love men
How about I cut off your balls
And staple them to your chin
Since you're always talking about
How big your balls are
How about I lay you side ways
And run over it with a car
I'm tired of your shit
How about you being the piece of ass
We could test just how long you could last
In a world where men come first
And morals are made by them
It seems like we as women will never win

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Finale [06 Apr 2004|01:13pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

I decided this was it
No need to get cleaned up
I looked out hte window
Walked out and closed the door
Postioned myself at a straightaway jag
So that I could walk to the light
In a straight line
I closed my eyes and I started to walk
Feet bare, I stepped on a rock
I still walked thinking of everything
That I had loved
And your faced appeared...
As someone I almost loved
I felt the brush underneath
My feet laced with dirt and snow
My wrist were still bleeding
From the attempt before
You really shouldn't leave
Someone like me alone
But now I know that this is for sure
The sound of the highway is getting nearer
my heartbeat is alot clearer
I smile thinking of you
And all the stuff we did too
And now I feel pavement
And I stop in my tracks
I hear a car coming
I guess this is it
I walk into the lane
Facing my death
Open my eyes with my last breath
Although that car looks familiar
Oh well, I stand there and smile
And let it plow through
I can't move and my head is wet
My head is pounding
But I'm not dead yet
Lying on the pavement
I open my eyes
Oh, its you what a surprise
I say "I almost loved you, you know."
And close my eyes....finally I died.


[23 Mar 2004|10:40am]
[ mood | apathetic ]

I'm not willing to give it up
I'm not willing to let you down
I'm not ready to let go
Of this astonishing frown
So many years its taken me to get this far
And I'm not willing to give it up for you
Give me back the needle
And let it sit inside my veins
Inject me with the perfect drug
It's always the same
One arm left one last tear
One needle filled with air
As I let you inject me with my own despair

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Demode [21 Mar 2004|11:43am]
[ mood | blank ]

She hung from her wall
But it seemed she was still alive
And I felt that I should watch her die
So I sat and I waited
Her eyes a bulging red
Gasping for air
Fingertips bled
But I didn't hesitate
Or tried to help her down
I felt she wanted this
And that I should stick around
Thats when her eye's started bleeding
And she stared rationally
Into the was me.

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[16 Mar 2004|06:22pm]
[ mood | amused ]

And I stood there wondering
Waiting and hazing
Over the ones I love
Their not really worth it all
I look down at the ladder
On which I stood
And decided that this would be good
I re-adjusted the noose
And gave a nice solid tug
I look at the carpet
And thought "Maybe I shoulda vaccumed"
I take a deep breath and jump of the ladder
And from their on I felt my neck shatter
broken but I'm still alive
As I hang from my wall
I ask why can't I just die.

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[15 Mar 2004|07:24pm]
[ mood | awake ]

I stalled as long as possible
I kissed her on the cheek goodbye
I promised her I'd take care of my little brother
I dont' know why
I hugged her and said "You fatmo.
Take me with you!
THat way, I won't miss you."
See said "See you in ten days."
And hugged my little brother
Dad made a crack and tried to show he still loved her
He hugged her and he kissed her on the cheek
And she made a face full of deceit
That's the first time I've seen them hug in 5 years
Okay I lied, I can't rememember when they last did
ANd when I say that it started to feel like a family again
She pulled away in the airplane and flew into the sky
And even though she was leaving I didn't cry
Cause I know when she comes back what it will be
Everthing will return the way it use to be.


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